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Metris Instruments provides innovative, hand-held, non-contact Infrared Thermometers (IRTs) for commercial, industrial, food safety and consumer use and fixed-mount IR systems for manufacturing and process control.

These award-winning instruments are recognized for their innovative design and unrivaled "best buys" in their categories.
Established in 2004, Metris Instruments is one of the fastest growing suppliers of IR thermometers. 

The principals of the company are experts in applying infrared temperature measurement in diverse applications. They have over 35 years experience applying instrumentation in demanding process measurement and control, manufacturing, commercial and food safety and HACCP monitoring applications.

Metris Instruments' products are now available on GSA

Metris Instruments is committed to providing products of unequaled price-performance value.

Our new MODEL IR100:1 offers the very best ULTRA BRIGHT- DUAL LASER sighting with a distance-to-target ratio of 100 to 1.  For example, at 100 feet you will measure a 1-foot diameter spot area; at 200 feet you will measure a 2-foot diameter spot area; the IR100:1 offers an accuracy of 2% of reading of the SURFACE AREA being measured. Please click on the link under Featured Product at the left for a list of additional features and performance specifications.