D:S = 100:1 (distance-to-spot size ratio)
IR100:1 Ultra-bright Dual-laser IR Thermometer with 100:1 Optics

Product Features

The Model IR100:1 offers the very best ULTRA BRIGHT- DUAL LASER sighting, with a distance to target ratio of 100 to 1.  EXAMPLE: at 100 feet you will measure a 1 foot diameter spot area; at 200 feet you will measure a 2 foot diameter spot area; the IR100:1 offers an accuracy of 2% of reading of the SURFACE AREA being measured. Other features include MAXIMUM/MINIMUM temperature capture during the scan of a large surface area; ADJUSTABLE EMISSIVITY to compensate for reflective surfaces. Type K Thermocouple port. Blue backlight display. Low Battery Icon. Metal Storage Case.

Product Specifications

Heavy-duty IR ULTRA BRIGHT DUAL -LASER thermometer with advanced temperature processing featuring high-resolution 100:1 optics

• Temperature Measurement Range 212°F to 3272°F (100°C to 1800°C)
• Infrared Accuracy ±2% of reading or ±2°C
• 0.1° resolution for accurate readings
• Selectable temperature units F/C
• D:S = 100:1
• Emissivity (factory preset to 0.95) adjustable from 0.10 to 1.00 in 0.01 steps
• Measure modes (selectable) include Maximum, Minimum, Difference (Max-Min) and “Lock” for continuous temperature scanning
• Programmable High and Low temperature Alarms
• Bright large back-lit blue LCD display
• 2ea. AAA batteries (included) provide nominal 180 hours continuous operation; low battery indication
• NIST traceable factory calibration

22 ounces (with batteries) ; 14 x 12 x 9 inches

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